Operation Director


  • Act as director of field activities and oversee the smooth running of the entertainment program on a daily basis, ensure that the presentation of the area meets quality, cleanliness, safety and customer service standards, and that the entertainment prov
  • To organize effective management of business, trade and operational areas (visitor areas, technical areas, working areas) in the facilities, to ensure trouble-free and daily business flow in accordance with the company's brand image
  • To monitor the performance and duties of cashiers and treasurers, to ensure reliable management of all money and other payment methods, to conduct timely inspections, to solve problems and to be at ticket sales points in case of any problems to meet th
  • Plan and manage the operation of facilities in accordance with established standards, monitor the implementation of the service in full compliance with company standards
  • To monitor the operation and functionality of facilities to ensure service standards
  • Checking the condition of facilities by making surprise visits, monitoring the work of facilities, giving feedback to employees responsible for improving performance
  • Ensure that all facilities meet financial and other agreed targets
  • Monitor periodic evaluations and forecasts of facilities for financial, budgetary and operational purposes
  • Monitor financial information of facilities and prepare reports on the number of visitors, group visits, trends and other issues and prepare development proposals.
  • Review work experiences to determine if the business is successful and develop alternatives as needed
  • Plan follow-ups such as group visits, birthday events at sales establishments with the sales department, purchasing processes, and supplier supervision.
  • Track sales and costs at the company's F&B outlets, select and sell profitable products, develop product ranges and alternatives with new products
  • Prepare statistics for sponsors and report on the number of visitors to the field of activity and work to improve their performance.
  • To check whether the work carried out in the departments with the support of the coordinators is in accordance with the obligations to the business partners.
  • Plan and coordinate human and material resources to provide efficient entry and exit of visitors, shorten departure times, and provide superior quality service
  • To control the operation of the enterprise in terms of 100% functionality, including security, safety and service, to ensure the smooth operation of applications, materials and equipment in the field of security, cleanliness for the smooth operation of fa
  • Ensuring the implementation of preventive measures related to maintenance, operational, technical and security, information technology and general services
  • To ensure timely consideration and fulfillment of customers' complaints and demands
  • Hold regular meetings with the coordinator, supervisor and entertainment staff to resolve complaints and provide feedback.
  • Ensure that daily operations are conducted in accordance with customer satisfaction standards.
  • Identify areas of opportunity and provide development strategies for the business
  • Supervise and monitor the maintenance of facilities, plan, manage and report to senior management on expected and required maintenance work
  • Plan and approve procurement requests for facilities in accordance with all purchase requests from areas
  • Approve the development of operational procedures and ensure that teams receive appropriate training for procedures, review and monitor practices.
  • Ensuring maximum efficiency from team members by constantly communicating with responsible managers
  • Facilitate cost control measures in all areas of finance and manpower to maximize profits, develop cost reduction plans to increase efficiency
  • Constantly monitor the work environment, prevent possible problems in advance, and bring together departments or employees who need to work together.
  • Follow up and monitor the proper processing of procedures and documents between the Operations and Human Resources Department (annual leave, transfers, resignations, etc.)
  • Follow monthly and annual employee attendance programs, investigate employee attendance issues and develop measures in conjunction with the Human Resources Department
  • Develop career plans within the operations team and oversee the development and implementation of necessary development plans for candidates.
  • Prepare daily schedules and programs, monitor employee attendance, send necessary reports to Human Resources Department
  • Provide monthly, quarterly and final annual reports to management on all facilities



  • To participate in the process of accepting complaints, propose a solution if possible, or direct them to the operational coordinator or the relevant department
  • To report, monitor and enter to the system the events in the enterprise and make sure that the coordinator of the zone is informed
  • To provide visitors with important information about the enterprise and encourage them to join the activity
  • To fill in the enterprise's daily checklist before the working process
  • To support the process of closing and opening the bracelet at the entrance and exit when needed
  • To report to the board on the safety and protection of visitors
  • Carry out activities related to written content with energy and smile to provide the best service and visitor experience