Customer Service Assistant


  • Participate and organize all kinds of trips for investors, business partners, industry partners, team members or communities who need a better understanding of the Family entertainment concept
  • Support staff orientation, training and coaching related to the Entertainment park customer experience
  • By identifying whether the development of the service is related to expected and unforeseen changes in the environment, by developing and implementing action plans to address solutions by identifying areas of customer needs; Complete customer service obje
  • Adjust customer service requirements through frequent contact with visitors; monitor a Entertainment parks facility to benchmark best practices using previous information analysis and complaint logs
  • Develop customer service area policies and procedures in accordance with Caspian Entertainment standards
  • Improve the level of customer service by inspecting, evaluating and adapting service processes.
  • Create, record, and monitor a database of event statistics, issues, complaints, and solutions
  • Prepare weekly management reports to the Facility Manager to make service processes more efficient
  • Use a variety of analytical tools to improve the customer experience
  • Collect and analyze customer feedback and then develop custom experiences for Entertainment parks visitors. Attend daily briefings and debriefing sessions



  • To participate in the process of accepting complaints, propose a solution if possible, or direct them to the operational coordinator or the relevant department
  • To report, monitor and enter to the system the events in the enterprise and make sure that the coordinator of the zone is informed
  • To provide visitors with important information about the enterprise and encourage them to join the activity
  • To fill in the enterprise's daily checklist before the working process
  • To support the process of closing and opening the bracelet at the entrance and exit when needed
  • To report to the board on the safety and protection of visitors
  • Carry out activities related to written content with energy and smile to provide the best service and visitor experience