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Plan your visit


Integration into the educational program

Our role-plays which can be linked to many school subjects are designed to develop children's life skills and values. These are skills that will benefit children at school, at home, and with friends.

An extensive Education Content has been developed in our park to carry out activities in Kinderland based on the curriculum of the official annual secondary schools approved by the Ministry of Education. This program is an ideal tool for teachers to facilitate the teaching process, that is, to develop educational approaches and increase the child's interest in acquiring new knowledge.


Corporate Events

Do you want to have a corporate party that is fundamentally different from all the standard ones? A place where your guests can attend a mini disco karaoke contest, a talent or song contest in the theater, a soccer tournament at the stadium, or other types of entertainments customized to your preferences.

Best place for your corporate events!

At Kinderland we offer unlimited entertainment and services for special occasions. Whether it is Product Launch, Press Meetings, Corporates Events or Social Responsibility Projects from start till the end, we will perfectly fashion your event.

Product Launch

Whether it's a big, bold entertaining reveal or an informative “show and tell”, Kinderland can bring this specially dedicated city for you with a creative styling and present your product to the masses.

Press Meetings

Wouldn't you like to organize a press meeting in your own mini town? On the streets that are perfectly safe, without traffic or noise, our environment will help you greatly arouse the interest of the consumers and the press.

Social Responsibility Projects

You can take advantage of exclusive discounted group prices in social responsibility projects supporting the children’s cause of your choice. The Kinderland team can organize events exclusive to certain children groups on your behalf without sharing your details with 3rd parties and present to you a detailed report of the event.

For more information and reservations, please contact +994 51 207 24 63 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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