OD – his origin and age are unknown. Dani and Mina found him when he needed their help, but he cannot remember where he comes from. He can adapt parts of his body, to perform special tasks, such as becoming a firefighter, construction machinery or an ice-cream vending machine. He’s got all the answers as his archives are huge. But he is a little awkward when it comes to human relationships. He is very loving and takes care of his new friends and family – Dani, Mina and Odin.

Dream: To help and protect Dany and Mina to achieve their goals, To take care of the planet, and all forms of life, plants and animals.

Date of birth:March 12
Sports:He is not very athletic, but he is really strong
Hobbies:Learn new stuff, Taking care of the environment, plants and animals.
Favorite Food:Solar energy
Favorite Music:Electronic of course!
Tag:“As my archives say….”