Be prepared for the flight to "Kinderland" city

Be prepared for the flight to "Kinderland" city

Be prepared for the flight to "Kinderland" city

Every parent intrinsically wants their child to have a healthy future and to grow up in a perfect environment. Children’s lives are shaped by all they experience through their families and their surroundings.

Taking these facts into consideration, the Kinderland Family and Children's Entertainment Center, which will be launched at Daniz Mall on March 12’th with the concept of “a greater future” has fulfilled both the needs of children and their parents.

Different activities have been arranged for children between the ages of 4 and 14 in Kinderland Baku, so kids will have the opportunity to experience more then 52 different jobs as they role play.

An integral part of the “Kinderland” project is it’s original Airbus A319 greating guests at the door. For the first time in Azerbaijan, a 16-meter-long "iron bird", is set up on the 5’th floor of Daniz Mall and it symbolizes the visit of a new country.

The aircraft named “Karabakh” which has traveled a long distance from England to Baku has been adapted to the corporate style of Azerbaijani State Airlines, a partner of the Kinderland Baku project. The aircraft has 6 professional flight simulators for training children, and most significantly, children will experince taking off and landing an airplane inside a real one.

Unbelievable, isn't it? You can provide this marvelous and unforgettable experience for your children exclusively here. So be prepared for your flight to Kinderland on March 12, 2020! Eagerly waiting all the kids of Azerbaijan and the entire world to come and play with us.

The Kinderland Family and Children Entertainment Center is a Caspian Entertainment Company. The company also owns other popular amusement and educational facilities in our country. These include “Bumblebee Play / Preschool and Montessori School”, “Amburan Kids”, “LaserTag” and “Karting”.


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